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Journalist Tom Heinemann 0602007

Tom Heinemann: (1959)

The Danish based filmmaker and investigative journalist Tom Heinemann is a two times winner of the “Outstanding Investigative Journalist” of the Danish Association of Investigative Journalism (FUJ)

Three times nominee for the “Cavling Prize” as the journalist of the year in Denmark.

His thorough and well researched documentaries has created an international awareness around subjects as:

The devastating consequences of textile production in 3rd world countries – “A Killer Bargain” – 2006

The backside of globalization – “Flip The Coin” – 2008 (With Erling Borgen)

The negative pitfalls of microcredit in the 3rd world – “The Micro Debt” – 2011

The massive economic fraud around the trade with carbon emissions – “The Carbon Crooks” 2013.

The series of 6X28 min. “A Heart That Never Dies” – 2015 – about six individual true heroes of our world. (With Erling Borgen)

The full-length documentary, “A Heart That Never Dies” – 2016 – a special festival version of the series. (With Erling Borgen)

Tom Heinemann is running an independent production company working worldwide from its base in Copenhagen.

Besides the documentaries he is a respected and inspiring workshop leader and lecturer in universities and media schools all over the globe from Canada to Bangladesh.

+45 20816684